Vacuum Excavations Sunshine Coast


Non-Destructive Digging

At Tyzac Vacuum Excavation, we carry out safe, non-destructive excavation works for civil, industrial, commercial and residential projects throughout the Sunshine Coast.

With our extensive fleet of vacuum trucks and machines, we make digging around pipes, cables, trees and driveways easy, quick and efficient. We specialise in a wide range of excavation services, including:

  • Potholing & service locating
  • Road works
  • Flood clean-ups
  • Concrete slurry clean-ups
  • Sewer & silo clean-outs
  • Drain & pipe cleaning
  • & much more
Using Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment and High-Pressure Vacuums
Our team can have debris, slurry and excess materials pulled up and transported safely to the tank. Regardless of the size of the area, we can deal effectively with accessibility issues and confined spaces.

Over the years, we’ve helped a number of clients, including plumbers, electricians and builders with non-destructive, hassle-free excavation projects.

We also provide 24/7 emergency vacuum excavations. Our service areas include Noosa, Noosa Heads and North Brisbane.
Vacuum Excavation
Using our modern vacuum excavation trucks, paired with the team’s expertise, we can provide safe, quick and efficient digging solutions.
Hydro Jet
If you are looking to clear a blocked drain, we have hydro jetters to do the job. Our non-destructive drain cleaning solutions will prevent costly repairs.
Drilling Excavator
Locating a pipe or a cable? At Tyzac Vacuum Excavation, we perform potholing to find underground service lines while minimising environmental impact.
Whether it’s a sewer line or a gas conduit, our vacuum excavators can perform precise trench digging with minimal disruption. We use a high-powered hose to cut through the earth.
Need a safer way to pull cable? Using our vacuum truck and roping conduit technique, we can have ropes pulled through the pipe with no hassle.
At Tyzac Vacuum Excavation, our service locating specialists can find the exact location of underground services—minimising risk of damage and disruption to utilities.



Top marks and 100% from the guys at Tyzac. Dan did a great job and a great clean-up too. Thanks guys.
Andy J.
Great service and decent hourly rate.
Tim R.
Great company to deal with and very professional. Highly recommended.
Travis L.