Vacuum Excavation Sunshine Coast


Safe, Fast & Efficient

Minimise the risk of damage and costly repairs with the help of our team at Tyzac Vacuum Excavation. We provide vacuum excavation solutions for civil, industrial, commercial and residential projects throughout the Sunshine Coast.

Why Vacuum Excavation?

Digging through the soil using the conventional techniques may run the risk of damaging underground utilities such as pipelines and cables. Vacuum excavation, otherwise known as hydro excavation, is less invasive and more precise compared to other methods.

The use of pressurised water enables the ground to break up, whether it’s soil, clay or rock. Utilising our specialised water jets, dirt is suctioned into the debris tank—minimising disruption to traffic flows and disposal of loosened materials.

With the use of a vacuum truck, we help minimise the cost in terms of manpower, preparation and turnaround time.

Powerful & Versatile Units

We have a fleet of vacuum excavators, also referred to as sucker trucks, hydro excavation and vac trucks with a capacity to carry 3000L to 8000L of water. Regardless of the size or requirements of the project, we can help you choose the right truck to suit your budget and excavation needs.

No matter the accessibility issues, we can dig around the surfaces with little to no damage. We can have all excess materials extracted and transferred safely into the vac thank on the units. We then dispose them of to a designated site to reduce environmental impact.

Our service areas include Gold Coast to Gympie.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the uses of vacuum trucks?

Vacuum trucks are mainly used for non-destructive digging. They can also be utilised for multiple purposes such as:

  • Safe dig post holes, footings & trenches.
  • Transporting liquid materials (e.g. lime, wastewater)
  • Clearing blocked drains through the use of jet rodding
  • Underground service locating
  • Removing loosened materials

How long does it take to dig using a vacuum excavator?

The duration will depend on the scope of the job, the type of ground and other complications (i.e. dealing with tight spaces). For instance, digging through a rocky surface takes longer to complete than digging through sand. A vacuum excavation company will consider these aspects to give you an estimated time of completion.

How deep can a vacuum truck dig?

A vacuum excavation unit can typically dig up to 5m deep depending on factors such as the distance of the underground utilities installed and the type of ground you are digging. The depth can vary depending on the equipment used and the scope of work.