Potholing Truck Sunshine Coast


Safe & Effective

Perform a much safer and more accurate method of digging through hard rocks, turf and soil through potholing. At Tyzac Vacuum Excavation, we use our truck-mounted vacuum excavators to create potholes for underground repairs or maintenance work. We can locate and expose subsurface utilities with little to no fuss, regardless of the type of ground you need to dig.

Why Potholing?

Potholing is one of the most preferred excavation techniques used for industries such as utility providers, government agencies, engineering and construction companies, among others.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of tradies such as plumbers to carry out non-destructive excavation works—resulting in no damage to any infrastructure. Some of the potholing jobs we’ve accomplished include:

  • Plumbing & electrical works
  • Major road constructions
  • Civil works
  • Cable & fibre optic networks
  • Telecommunication networks

How Potholing Works

Before we vacuum excavate the surface, we ensure to locate the underground services to prevent unwanted damage. We use the latest technology to trace the source and endpoint of utilities for accurate mapping.

With our fully equipped vacuum trucks, we can handle any project size. Our team of experienced operators will ensure high-quality workmanship from service locating to potholing.

Don’t run the risk of damaging a buried asset. Let the team at Tyzac Vacuum Excavation help you with your potholing needs. We are OH&S Management System accredited, so you can be 100% confident in the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does potholing mean?

Potholing is a method used to locate and expose underground pipes and cables. It is an effective way of confirming the exact location of utilities—preventing damage to infrastructure.

How much does potholing cost?

The cost of potholing will depend on the number of holes and the type of ground you are digging. A reliable excavation company will determine your individual requirements before providing a quote.

Is potholing worth it?

Yes. Potholing saves you time and money from digging large trenches. The process is much safer, accurate and less intrusive than other conventional techniques. Small holes are vacuum excavated for locating underground services such as pipes.