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Cable Hauling

Pulling wires or cables through pipes or electrical conduits? At Tyzac Vacuum Excavation, we Vac ropes through pipes, conduits or ducts for easy cable hauling. We work with various industries including electrical contractors when feeding wires through conduits.

Feeding pilot ropes through conduits is one of the many uses of our vacuum trucks. We use vacuum extraction when carrying out the job. The suction pulls the rope through the pipe to prevent damaging the cables or electrical wires throughout the process.

Our vacuum excavation operators are highly experienced when it comes to roping conduits. We use only high-quality ropes specially designed for hard and light pulls. Please feel free to contact us for any queries.

Take the hassle out of using a rod to pull ropes through

Whether you need to replace or repair wires or cables, we can handle it. Our vacuum truck, paired with the team’s expertise, can draw these ropes through conduits regardless of the length.

If you have problems with tight spaces or limited access, we can help.

Clients throughout Noosa, Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane call us for vacuum excavations and roping conduit services. Our service area covers everywhere from Gold Coast to Gympie

Frequently Asked Questions


Why use a vacuum truck for roping conduit?

Pulling a rope with a vacuum truck is much faster and more convenient compared to traditional methods. Most vacuum trucks suck ropes through pipes or conduits over 200-metres long.

What is rope conduit?

Rope conduit is the process of feeding new or existing conduits with rope for easy hauling of cables or wires.

Is roping conduit effective?

Yes. Roping conduit can assist in cable hauling. It causes minimal to no damage to cables or wires.